Terms of Service

Scheduling and Possible Delays

With Carolina Green Lawn Care we will provide you service on a regular basis to ensure your landscaping needs are met. We work Monday through Saturday going through our route based on grouping our customers locations. All services will be completed in a timely manner granted there are no weather or personnel issues.


If you wish to cancel your lawn care service with us temporarily please let us know 48 hours ahead of your scheduled mowing time. You can either let us know through our contact form on our site or by phone.

Weather Conditions

Through out the year there will be certain circumstances that will prevent us from performing our services on a regular schedule. When rain is a factor, we try to mow as long as we determine that mowing will not cause any lawn damage. We will modify your service schedule if it has rained heavily the day before or the day of so that we can get out as soon as the weather permits. During the hotter months your lawn can dry out and prevent growth. We will modify your service schedule and determine when the next time service will be able to be performed. If you wish to cancel service ahead of time please feel free to email us or give us a call.

Lawn Conditions

Our standard lawn care prices are good for up to six inch grass length. If we determine later that your lawn will need frequent mowing because of rapid growth there may be an additional charge. We do offer special requests such as bagging of cut grass. We can quote this out in our custom quote to you as well.